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25 years ago my parents discovered the magical, untouched, fishermen village of Torba, while they were searching for a place to fulfill their growing-old dreams.

They bought a small piece of land, right on the beach to build their villa. At that time there was not much on the beach of Torba, except the wonderful, grandiose palm tree that was standing almost in the water. My father always told me the story, how he would just sit there on the beach, watching this incredible tree for hours, dreaming that someday it would belong to him, so that he and my mom could sit under it and watch the sunset together.

My parents were avid art enthusiasts and collected art pieces passionately for more than 40 years. They loved their country, its art, the people and all the happiness Turkey had offered to them.

I remember my father always complaining on how Turkey didn’t receive the attention it deserves in the world and how Turkish Art was not promoted enough. He also complained that he had to work so hard all his life, and did not find the time to share the good things like art with his friends. He wanted for he and my mother to one day build a place for them to invite all their friends to share the good things in life together.

My mom was a wonderful, colorful woman with impeccable taste and vision for art and design. Together with my dad, they decided to create a very special place, a special house for art next to the villa. My mom designed the house to its every detail to show the beauties of Turkey, Turkish hospitality and art. Every stone, every painting, every sculpture is an original piece of artwork. This is how the story of Casa dell’Arte began.