First of all, I would like to start with my endless gratitude to Rukiye who is in charge of the most special day of our lives. I have been planning to post my after-wedding writing for a long time, however I was in a rush. Everything is still in my mind with all its magic. We first met Rukiye. Her sincerity and naturalness made us very happy. I named her “sunshine”. From the moment I first entered Casa dell’Arte. I felt that there was no any other place to celebrate a wedding. I was totally taken over by the hotel. After the interview, when I was leaving I had my final pray.

We ended up with a sparkling conversation. Then we could not talk to anyone else. Casa dell’Arte was our final destination. We had our second meeting with Rukiye in Istanbul. We planned the date and everything else. Finally, it was July and we had a fabulous evening at Casa dell’Arte for tasting. Our cook, employees and the whole team were very helpful to make us enjoy the evening.

At the wedding night, everything was on time.It was the most beautiful night I have ever had. Everyone in my family and friends were talking about the beauty of the hotel. My mother also wants to get married there. I want to go back to that day most of the time. I cannot wait next summer to come back to Casa dell’Arte again! Lastly, I am ending up my writing with a very big thanks to everyone who has helped me to make my dream come true.

Ezgi & Caner
1 July, 2017

"We understood that our wedding day will be great since we met the Casa dell’Arte Family, but it was like the Mother Nature whispered us not to make this wedding by her flood which was happened just a week ago before our wedding day which damaged Torba Village a lot. With Casa dell’Arte Family’s amazing effort, it was like there was not a flood never ever. This was the starting of our chance and it was keep going as it starts on our wedding day too. The weather like a day from summer, the sun, the sea, preprations etc then I found myself in my father arms while walking under the palm trees by walking to the ceremony area. We both were thrilling because of excitement and the Groom was staring at us with all his excitement. Then we found ourselves as already said “yes”. We were being much more happy by hearing our guests talking about delicious food and amazing venue.Our photos was taken on the sly while we were resting on the deck. Our night was indescribable.

We can never thank enough to Casa dell’Arte Family who made our wedding day far from the stress and made it happen like a family celebration with full of fun. Our dream came true, why not yours?"

Burcu & Can
3 October, 2015

"Casa Dell’Arte is a place that brings together style and comfort. That is what we were looking for our wedding day. Everything was very authentic and we could imprint our taste in every detail. Our guests were very important for us and we could welcome them as if we were home. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, so far. We had lots of fun and Casa Dell’Arte was the best place to make it happen."

Yeda & Kerem
19 September, 2015

"We had the best day of our lives at Casa Dell'Arte and we couldn't have wished for a more perfect day! Everyone was so friendly, helpful and did all they possibly could to make it the most incredible few days. The venue was beautiful and I hope we can visit again soon. Oh, and the food was unbeatable! Thank you all so much!"

Ceren & Joe
12 September, 2015

"When my husband and I decided to tie the knot, we wanted to have a destination wedding in Turkey as it offers the perfect meeting point for friends and family flying in from different places around the world. We were keen on having a beach wedding, and Bodrum lent itself as the perfect destination within Turkey since connections via Istanbul are easy and abundant, and since Bodrum is purely Magical. We flew in 5 months ahead of the wedding date to pick a venue and find planning assistance. On the first day of this 2-day planning trip, Casa Dell’Arte was the fourth venue we visited. As soon as we arrived to this quaint, charming and ultra trendy boutique hotel, our minds were made up- we were having our wedding there! Once we started the planning, the hotel staff could not have been more attentive or more flexible."

Reef & Mamoun
19 September, 2014

"Of course, we would never know Bodrum will accompany us with its storm and heavy rain on the day we decided to married which is also our anniversary, September 27th. Our invitation which we planned to make on the beach turned so different then we planned suddenly. In spite of the surprise that the weather made us, our wedding was unforgettable and beautiful for us and for our guests too. Casa dell’Arte was our best choice for our most special day beyond the place where we enjoy to spend time with its architectural, its enjoyable art collection and its friendly team.

We thank you to Casa dell’Arte and its great team..."

Aslı & Harun
27 September, 2014

"We fell in love with Casa dell'Arte at first sight. Since then we knew there's nowhere else we wished to celebrate our love with our parents and friends. We shared the unique moments of our wedding party with our beloved guests who made it from over 20 countries by plane, car or boat... We're sure all of them found the place breathtaking! This all would not happen without management, chef de cuisine and staff of Casa dell'Arte who were absolutely professional, friendly, helpful, flexible and patient.

We'll keep Casa dell'Arte in our hearts forever!"

Marzena & Marcin
6 September, 2014